This time, Jillian's room really is filled with pigs!

This is a true story. Well - almost a true story. One day I showed Melissa how to make a little, felt bookmark mouse. As soon as her friends saw it, they wanted one too. So Melissa went into business making mice. Each one was special. Each one was different. Each had a name. In the end, she couldn't part with any of them. I watched this happening and thought, "That's exactly what Jillian would do." I started to write and then I got stuck. The Wonderful Mice of Jillian Jiggs didn't sound right. It clunked! I gave up and put the story away. Weeks later, I awoke with a start. Jillian wouldn't make mice. She would make -PIGS!

One of the pigs wears a dress that is made from the material of the dress in the first Jillian book.
Someone is reading the book, Little Blue Ben.
Our car is in the book.
The book is dedicated to my husband, Brian
The rainbow picture on the cover was designed by my daughter, Ingrid.

A drawing of Little Blue Ben
A picture from The Balloon Tree
The Balloon Tree book
The Wizard's cat from The Balloon Tree
Jillian's boxes
A picture of little blue Ben & his family
Toy chickens

The Wonderful Pigs of Jillian Jiggs. Scholastic Canada, 1988; as Les beau cochons de Lili Tire-bouchon, translated by Christiane Duchesne, Scholastic, 1988
ISBN 0-590-74847-5

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